Web Application Development

Our application development solutions are tailored and aimed to help the modern day enterprise keep the pace with rapidly changing business environment. EyeBridge offer business application software development, support and maintenance services to small and medium sized business organizations.

Our web based enterprise application development solutions include

  • Supply Chain Management Application (SCM)
  • Customer Relationship Management Applications (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Applications (ERP)
  • Business Intelligence Applications

Our application development services include

  • Enterprise Application Integration – EyeBridge offers enterprise application integration solutions to boost the growth of your business and manage resources effectively. We design an integration framework of applications and systems for your enterprise that will create a suitable channel of communication across your business organization. Our EAI solutions will automate your business processes and enable your organization to handle more volume. We develop supply chain management (SCM) applications, customer relationship management (CRM) applications and business intelligence applications based on careful planning and sound methodologies.
  • Enterprise Information Portals – EyeBridge specializes in developing Enterprise Information Portals that provide a primary interface to your employees, customers and business associates to communicate and consume resources and services. An enterprise information portal helps utilizing available resources effectively across the boundaries of organization. We can develop web based information portals like customer self service portals, enterprise portals, E-commerce portals, Corporate portals and collaborative and communication portals.
  • Data Migration Services – We at EyeBridge offer you easy data migration solutions. Leverage our data management experience to forget the obstacles like time, cost, application downtime, and loss of productivity. We provide efficient data migration service that reduces costly downtime and let your business applications continue. To know more about our data migration services, contact us today.
  • Knowledge Management – In today’s business environment severe competition rules everywhere. In such a scenario, business organizations have to be very resourceful to achieve fruitful results. At EyeBridge, we offer knowledge management web applications that dramatically improve the way information is collected, stored and accessed. Such applications are essential for an organization to help achieving its employees’ new proficiencies. It enhances the knowledge, ability and skills of your workforce.
  • Quality Assurance & Testing Services – we at EyeBridge, offer our clients a comprehensive range of quality assurance and testing services. To offer you complete flexibility, you can choose the testing service that suits your needs. Before deploying any application, it is very important that the application is tested efficiently for ensuring the performance it will deliver. We offer security, integration system, automation, compatibility, performance and load testing, regression and stress testing services.

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