Web Analytics

Web analytics is a strong service tool that help you measure strengths and weaknesses of your online business initiatives. Our internet marketing services are integrated with web analytics to track and report your campaign results.

EyeBridge uses most widely acceptable web analytics platforms like Google analytics, Web Trends, Omniture, etc. to track the results of your online marketing initiatives. It is very important for any web marketer like you to analyze how your online business is performing and are you getting the right returns for the enormous amount of money that you spent for marketing your products or services.

The real strength of managing online marketing campaigns lies in effective measuring of your marketing efforts. Following this ideology, we at EyeBridge undertake comprehensive on-site web analytics.

What we offer in our web analytics efforts

  • Highly accurate and detailed measurement and analysis
  • Reporting regularly your campaign performance (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Real-time tweaks to maximize your ROI
  • Save money by reducing media wastage
  • Effective marketing tips and activities with optimal spend
  • Increase conversions and generate more revenue

With our web analytics services we can help you determine, top referrers, frequently searched keyword and phrases (search analytics), home page effectiveness and click-through rates, behavior of consumers and visitors (business analytics), segmenting target audience based on demographics, etc.

What we do for you

  • Web analytics implementation
  • Competitive and strategic intelligence
  • User behavior analysis for optimizing ways to engage them better (trend analysis)
  • Multivariate testing
  • CRM integration

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