(PPC) Pay Per Click Services

PPC advertisement is a digtal marketing strategy where maximum online exposure is guaranteed. PPC or pay per click is a unique online advertising model where web marketers are needed to pay only for the ads which get clicked by the online visitors.

As a part of any online marketing campaign, PPC is most widely used strategy as it guarantees maximum exposure and instant results. At EyeBridge, our online marketing PPC experts manage your PPC campaigns to control your advertising budget and increase returns on your investment (ROI). Right from planning to implementation and tracking to reporting results of your PPC campaigns, we manage it all.

Our PPC experts are well experienced in planning and successfully running large campaigns over multiple search networks.

Our PPC advertising services include

  • PPC account setting - to maximize PPC marketing campaign goals, we create and monitor PPC account settings like daily maximum spend, demographics, match type, etc.
  • PPC bid management - we effectively manage your PPC bids for cost effective placement of ads and maximizing ROI.
  • Keyword research and selection - we research and select frequently searched keywords from your industry.
  • Creative development - to help you maximize click through rates or CTR, we deploy custom and unique creative writing for titles and descriptions. It helps boosting conversion rates.
  • Landing page identification - we analyze, identify, suggest and manage the right landing page for facilitating site level conversions.
  • PPC analysis of analytics - we monitor and analyze results of your PPC campaign, look for successful keywords, costs, conversion trends, consumer behavior and finally report them all to you.

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