Our Story

We started off as a bunch of college buddies bubbling with ideas and oodles of energy – chasing our dreams. We wanted to be nobody’s slave, but our imaginations. After Post Grad, we joined our respective respectable jobs, but deep in our hearts we knew that we would… and we did(!) quit the comfortable but boring nine-to-five schedule to plunge into the uncertain but challenging world of business. Needless to say we love to take the bull by its horns! (And it has paid off well too.) Briefly speaking, EyeBridge was born one fine morning out of the urge to prove ourselves to satisfy our creative hunger and undying spirit to break conventions. Well, that was in 2004. We started our business is New Delhi, India. And here now we have expanded our roots to our second home Australia (our favorite destination for adventure). Cut to 2010 – We are still good old friends. We still love mountain-biking and idea-wobbling. But we have evolved, literally and figuratively. And so has EyeBridge. And “we” who started the spark? Actually, a set of risk-loving youth full of life to the core. And factually, Jagrit, Vivek and Jai – a potpourri of razor-edge analytical abilities, fathomless resourcefulness and untamed creativity. The three stories of our lives have merged into the story we call Eye Bridge. Now We have a team of 50 professionals comprising Engineers, Designers and Marketers in India and Australia. We are going on… growing… with more steps in our adventurous journey… which we think… Has just begun…

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