Online Advertising

Consumers are increasingly getting inclined towards the ease of shopping products and services online. In such evolving internet scenario, business organizations must allocate portions of the budget to online advertising. Online advertisement planning and designing is a part of our Digital marketing services that we offer our client here, at Eyebridge.

Only increasing visibility is not enough to drive maximum results you expect from your Internet marketing campaigns. Online advertising is a winning strategy that drives potential web traffic to your website, reinforces brand image of your business, increases brand awareness, and produce incremental conversions.

We at EyeBridge, offer Online advertising services by deploying several online advertising strategies to generate optimal results that your business needs. We design, implement and track the performance of your online advertising campaigns.

Online advertising services that we offer

  • Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)
  • Pay Per Acquisition (PPA)
  • Pay Per Impression (PPI)
  • Banner ads
  • Blog advertising
  • Video, Webcast, Podcast advertising
  • Contextual advertising
  • Local search advertising
  • Text Link Advertising

How we do it

Online advertising strategy formulation - Before your digital marketing campaign is launched, we analyze and plan for the right PPC host(s) and banner ad network(s). We formulate the budget for your PPC or other campaigns. Here we undertake media planning and ad placement.

Bid Management - we manage the bids for your PPC campaign and help controlling your online advertising budget.

Copy writing - in a paid search campaign, copy writing (a mix of effective ad copy enriched with relevant keywords) plays a major role. A compelling and strong ad copy impact click through rates and call for success of your online advertising campaign.

Rich Media Banner Designing - Creativity resides at the core of Eyebridge. We design attractive banner ads that attract high CTRs. The banners that we design will interact and engage your audience and compel them to buy your products and services.

Click Fraud Detection - it is our endeavor to protect your online advertising campaign against any suspicious activity. Our web marketers strictly check such activities.

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