Local Listing

Another essential part of SEO are Local listings which is known as Google Map Optimization through which you can optimize your business listings in such a way that they attract visitors, literally. Your business will be listed on Google Maps and it will be easier for customers to locate you and ultimately reach you. Why only Google, well because let’s face it’s being used by millions of users and you know it! The essence is to start thinking locally, whether you are a big business or small, you first need to attract local customers from places in and around your location. Google maps will help you gain high search engine visibility.

What we concentrate on while working on your local listings are:

  • Keywords in your business name
  • Accurate business address
  • Listing and verification of your business on Google Maps
  • Listing your business in local business directories
  • Analysing your competitors

We even excel in creating citations of your business listings on other websites, thus helping your local listing gain higher popularity. The more validation you have through citations, more will google trust your local listing and show it on a higher rank.As study shows that 40% of online searching is through local listings, it is smart for you to invest in this kind of optimization and watch your site gain a higher rank on the search engines.

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