Email Marketing

E-marketing is a unique online marketing medium that offer a brilliant platform to web marketers to reach and interact with their target audience. However, increasing restrictions and boundaries on e-mail marketing campaigns have become a major hurdle for this digital marketing technique.

To attain successful results, we at EyeBridge offer you exceptional e-mail marketing services which increases your brand awareness and let your online presence felt. E-marketing is a tailored strategy which directly targets your segmented audience or e-mail subscribers, which are not mere your audience but are your prospective customers.

At EyeBridge we design and your email marketing campaign, track and report its performance and give you a recognizable return on investment (ROI). We optimize your e-mail marketing campaign, write a strong and persuasive copy for your message and track the consumer behavior.

To foster to sales, we integrate your sales process,  target into the copy of your e-mail message that we mail to your prospects.

How we do it and what services are included

  • List management
  • HTML Email designing
  • Writing relevant and compelling e-mail copy
  • Secure transmission
  • Campaign tracking

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