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Internet offers an exceptional opportunity to the business organizations of all sizes. It allows them to reach and connect with their target audience regardless of any geographical restrictions. Web 2.0 explosion changed the entire web scenario and internet continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid speed. Each day thousand of websites are developed and lost somewhere in the web of internet. At EyeBridge, we offer Digital marketing services that are not only aimed to give your businesses a support to keep up with the pace of evolution of internet but also to give you the cutting edge to get successful in your web initiative.

Our team of professional digital marketing experts creates winning digital marketing plans that promise huge returns on your investment. Our digital marketing services are much more than a question of brand positioning and we pride ourselves in understanding and integrating your sales process in the digital marketing campaigns that we develop for you.

At EyeBridge, every Digital marketing campaign that we create, aims mainly to shift goods and increase perceived value of a brand consistent with brand integrity. Our Digital marketing services are unparalleled web design taste creates an aura where your business can compete, lead, grow and sustain well.

Our internet marketing services include

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – our search engine optimization service is a key factor that can help you drive much traffic to your website and increases its visibility. We specialize in off site and on site optimization techniques.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - we promote your website by our exclusive search engine marketing campaigns. In our SEM efforts we improve your website’s visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through paid inclusions, PPC and inorganic listing.
  • Online Advertising - as consumers are increasingly spending their money shopping for products and services online, business organizations have started using online advertising to market their business over internet. Eyebridge can help allocating and investing your online advertising budget at the right place so it gives you maximum returns.
  • Email Marketing - e-mail marketing offers a unique medium to reach and address your customers personally. EyeBridge can design exceptional e-mail marketing campaigns that fosters your sales process. We specialize in list acquisition, designing, promoting, tracking and reporting the results of your e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Interactive PR - EyeBridge specializes in this untapped online marketing area of interactive PR. I-PR can help your business build credibility directly with customers and prospects. We can help you develop a dialogue with the online market place.
  • Podcast Marketing - Podcast marketing or pod casting is the emerging mobile media solution. At EyeBridge, we can design podcast marketing campaigns that help you connect with your “on demand” community. Pod casts not only help you reach right target audience but also build and reinforces your brand image.
  • Affiliate Marketing - EyeBridge specializes in offering this unique platform of affiliate marketing which help your business grow and sustain. We manage your affiliate marketing campaigns, propose and select the appropriate affiliate network.
  • Web Analytics - strategic online marketing efforts and their results are based on hard data, in-depth analysis and visitors’ behavior rather than guessing or instinct. We have developed sophisticated methodology to track, analyze and report the results of your online marketing campaigns.
  • Social Media Marketing - EyeBridge has a team of social media experts who expertise in tapping this platform and give your business a cutting edge to market and brand your business. We help you reach your right target audience, interact and convert them into your customers.
  • Article and Newsletter Marketing - Article & newsletter marketing in just another way to drive huge web traffic to your website. Our experienced and creative team of web content writers writes optimized content / copy for articles and newsletters. We submit your articles to the top article directories and distribute your newsletters. We track and report the performance of these efforts.
  • (PPC) Pay Per Click - we create and manage your PPC campaigns that help generating traffic and leads to your website. We research and segment your target audience and based on demographics we select the right search engine and launch your PPC campaign.

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