Tired fingers, weary eyes and a drained out brain browsing through the same kind of websites, similar layouts, color schemes and even structures? Well, do you know Napoleon Bonaparte? (We know the two questions sound out of place with each other but that is how great minds work!) “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself”, the man had said once upon a time and the truth still rings true. Looks like the drift of the argument is clear by now! So if you think you can think out of the box? Put life into your wildest imaginations? Walk against the crowd (even if you are the only one doing it)? If you are buzzing with ideas…can create an eye-catching design in a jiffy…or if you feel coding is and art… have the power to weave magic into words… Yes? Voila! You’re likely to have a place in our ever-growing team. Please note before dropping in with your resume – at Eye Bridge, we leave the “I” behind. There are clashes, of course, but of ideas not egos. We evolve as a team of dreamers with every project we do. Here your Academic scores are liked but skills respected the most. So come along to prove your mettle! Unleash the wildest of designs and the most mind-boggling software imaginable. There’s no stopping you!!

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