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Even though some might believe that content is what counts in a blog but we stand to believe otherwise. We do not deny that content is important for a blog but if your blog forum has bad design then how do you expect people to be interested in reading what it consists of. As the times are changing it has become important not to just focus on the flow of information while maintaining a blog design but using other resources to attract people on your site, this is where a good design counts.

EyeBridge does not apply “Not to judge a book by its cover.”, when it comes to designing a blog forum because even though blogs is mainly about the matter in it, we design in a way that the reader would be interested to check out what you have to say, judging you by your ‘cover’, i.e. how your site looks. We do not lose the sight of the end goal, though, to increase the readership. Our blog designs are appropriate as well as creative to suit your purpose.

Certain elements are always taken into consideration by us while creating a blog design.

  • The viewing of a website is always done top to bottom and it decreases also in the same order, i.e, he/she will be most interested in what is on top and least in what is at the bottom. Therefore, first thing that is considered is how the header should be designed. The header should be unique as well as memorable which is why our maximum attention is given to the header. We decide what message your blog wants to convey and its type and design accordingly, especially the tag line.
  • Content area is where a reader is bound to spend maximum time and therefore it is necessary to give viable attention to this portion of the site. Design wise this area is simple and designed in such a way that minimum distraction is accompanied with it.
  • Navigation’s are of two kinds primary and secondary. Primary navigation’s are kept near the header because that is where the users will look for them and secondary navigation’s which give users links to other parts of your website, are usually put in the form of some sidebar.
  • While designing the comments section, we keep in mind to design it in such a way that it is easy to tell various comments apart. Another important aspect is to make the author’s comment different from the user’s comments.
  • Footer is one section which is often paid the least attention by the designers thinking that not much attention would be paid to it by the readers. But nevertheless, equal attention should be paid to each part of your website. This area can be essential to re-emphasize the readers’ attention to the articles and other links of your website.

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